It’s that time of year again, King of The Hammers is upon us yet again! Seems like we were out on the lakebed for the 2017 race just a few months ago. After last year’s success we were anxious to get back to Johnson Valley for this year’s race! We headed into KOH 2018 with more preparations under our belt than previous years. So, needless to say the arrival of race week was a welcomed sight. Here is how the event unfolded for the Lasernut Racing family.

We arrived on the lakebed a few days before qualifying. We prepped everything and set out for solid qualifying run that would hopefully yield us a mid pack start. Our run went as planned, smooth and consistent. Once the times were tallied we ended up in 40th position, which is 20th off the starting line. We’ll take it!


Once the dust settled from qualifying it was time to hit a new trail with the rock buggies, affectionately called “Bloody Mary”. Kevin Carroll, Jesse Haines, and a handful of others joined us on our adventure. As you can see from the photos this trail is no joke! Don’t miss the video recap at the end of this blog to see more action from this extreme trail!


After several attempts on one obstacle Cody’s moonbuggy reached its boiling point. So, he decided to exit stage left and make his way out of the canyon up the side of the sand dune walls.


Moonbuggy, dune buggy, what’s the difference?


RIP little 4 cylinder motor, it has been nice knowing you.


The day before the race we put our game faces on and started final prep. First up a team meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page and address any questions the crew may have.


Group shot with the buggy!


Let’s eat! Cody and Brad Benson show us their best burrito face!


That evening we relaxed by a small campfire.


Race day! Co-driver Stuart Crawford with his family staged and ready to rock!


Cody and Lindsay Waggoner waiting for the green flag to drop!




Pre-race wedgie?


Go time!


And they’re off!


Unfortunately at only mile marker 5 we had a mechanical failure that could not be fixed, which ended our day. That’s way they call it “racing” not “winning”. We will be back next year more prepared than ever though because that’s what we do. Thanks for checking out our KOH 2018 recap. Don’t miss the video highlight reel linked below and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for more! Thanks again to our family and friends that helped us get as far as we did this year. See you next year!


2018 KOH Video Highlight Reel!