Cody Waggoner


Cody Waggoner was born in Whittier, California and grew up in Yorba Linda, California from the age of 3 until he was 15 years old. He then moved to Capistrano Beach where he still resides today. Cody is our conservative and smooth driver!

His first rig was a 1971 CJ-5 Jeep which he still owns today. While Cody was watching qualifying for a race he thought,“I can do that” and has been hooked ever since. Cody started out racing in 2001 at the first Rock Crawling Event in La Cruces, New Mexico, which he continued until 2009. One of Cody’s highlights throughout his racing career was racing with and competing against Frank Currie. After a brief break he jumped back into racing in 2014. His love for King of the Hammers has been centered around the challenge of being one of few who have finished the race.

Stuart Crawford


Stuart Crawford brings his long and hard driving style to the races! Stuart’s first rig was a 2006 Jeep Rubicon. He jumped into KOH racing in 2014. Stuart says, when he passed Tony Pelligrino it was the moment he became hooked on the sport. His hope for Ultra4 is that Rick Mooneyham comes back once again.

Jesse Haines


Jesse Haines’ career in off-road competitions started at the 2002 Fourwheeler Top Truck Challenge. In 2003, he was a spotter at rock crawling events, and the following season he competed for the first time as a driver. In his first full season, Haines won the WE Rock Grand National Championship. Since then, he has won over 20 rock crawling events and multiple championships. Haines is also well known as a fabricator, building many championship cars. Aside from just rock crawling, Haines has a handful of top ten finishes in Ultra4, including 2 podium finishes, and 3 King of the Hammers finishes.

Randall Davis


Randall Davis was born in Boring, Oregon and currently resides in Aliso Viejo, California.  Randall is our reserved yet fast paced driver with committed decisions.

Randall’s first rig was a 2003 Jeep TJ Rubicon which was the beginning of his racing career. Starting out as a rock crawling spotter in 2009, and a KOH co-driver in 2012, he quickly moved to his first rock crawling race at the CalRocs Donner in 2009. He then raced at King of the Hammers in 2016. When talking to Randall he’ll tell you the first moment he was hooked was judging a WE Rock event back in 2007. His love for KOH is the challenge of finishing a race that takes you through some of the toughest trails. From there, he teamed up with Darin Doucette and created Desert Turtle Racing which built a modified Jeep to race in the EMC at KOH 2016.

Bryan Maloney